Renewable source
nanostructured precursors
for carbon fibers
START:01 January 2014
END:31 December 2017

Carbon Fiber Technology Cluster

Carbon-Fibre-based composite materials are increasingly demanded in several industrial domains – automotive, aerospace, energy, marine, oil&gas – for their lightweight and high-performance properties as well as low cost.

Five European Projects on Carbon Fibre technology receiving funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) are clustered under the patronage of the European Commission within Horizon 2020. They support from different angles a more effective, economic and sustainable production of Carbon Fibres, aiming to increase European competitiveness in the domain.

NEWSPEC (GA n. 604168), CARBOPREC (GA n. 604215), and FIBRALSPEC (GA n. 604248), within the domain of nanotechnologies, advanced materials and new production technologies, specifically address the development of innovative and sustainable precursors for a cheaper Carbon Fibres production. REFORM (GA n. 283336) instead addresses the development of clean and resource-efficient technologies for the manufacture and disposal of composite material, in the frame of the Factory of the Future Programme to develop the next generation of production technologies. EUCARBON (GA n. 284500) is part of the Space critical technologies research, tackling the need of to implement in European companies the capacity to manufacture space qualified carbon fibre and pre-impregnated materials.

The Carbon Fibre Technology Cluster will jointly address Strategic Research agendas, Standards and Health&Safety issues, common Modelling and Infrastructures resources, and will join in networking, dissemination and training aspects. It will thus optimize the projects effort and maximize the projects’ impact on the European industrial sector and finally society.




Brussels, 20/01/2015

The CF Tech Cluster discussed common areas of interest and synergies, and delegates were assigned in order to capitalise on each project endeavours and benefit from the participation in the cluster.


Manchester, 28 October 2015

Within the GO CARBONFIBRE 2015 conference


20 April 2016


Hanovre, 11 october 2016